From Catholic To Holy Ghost

Bro. Joseph Conroy's Testimony

Bro. Joseph Conroy
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Bro. Joseph Conroy is a missionary to the Middle East. Almost two years ago he shared his testimony at Victory Tabernacle, Burbank CA, about how God led him to the Bible truth of the gift of the Holy Ghost.

By posting this testimony it is not our intention to insult Catholics or people of other religions, but as Bro. Conroy says in his testimony “I just want you know what life was like inside this thick head, what the world looked like to me.”

This testimony is long, but well worth the listen!

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The church mentioned in Bro. Conroy’s testimony is Truth Tabernacle, Fresno CA. It is now pastored by Elder Vaughn Morton.

My Walk Back To Life

Jesse D.'s Testimony


“It was an incident that was drug related… A person would call a ‘bad trip’… upset with everything that moved. It was that I found myself driving into a cemetary, when the cemetary was closed, and the gates where closed. So the only way into the cemetary was through the gates. So that’s where I ended up, driving through the gates. And it was like I was having a connection or a spiritual encounter. I guess what we called it at church it’s… I was going through… feeling that it was, I was in the rapture. So when I was in the cemetary I was driving my car through there and was like angels or things coming out of the ground… people coming out of the ground. I’m not into the church yet, I’m barely, I’m just trying to find my way. And then all the sudden I know that I have so much illegal stuff in my pocket. What am I gonna do?”

Bro. Jesse D recently shared the testimony of God’s process in his life, changing him and bringing him to salvation.

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My Spiritual Journey

John W.'s Testimony

I consider my up bringing as average and middle class. My mother grew up in a Presbyterian church and my father in an Episcopal church. My brother and I were not really raised going to any church. We probably attended less than 15 actual church services or Sunday school classes growing up. During the few times I attended a church I was taught that Jesus who was born miraculously was the Son of God, that he died on a cross for my sins and rose from the dead three days later. And that if I believed in him I would go to heaven and if I didn’t that I would go to hell. At least that’s how I understood whatever I was taught. As I got older I decided I didn’t believe that. And also that I didn’t believe in religion because there were so many religions and they all claimed they were right and the others were wrong. Because of that, they all seemed the same to me. All of them seemed to be of man and not of God.

What I did believe was that God existed, that there was only one God, and he could do anything he wanted to. I believed He knew all, saw all, and heard all. I would pray to God sometimes, and I believed he heard me because he heard everything. So I went on with life and lived with this kind of belief about God and religion.

When I was about 11 my best friend and I started getting in a lot of trouble together. We started by ditching school and getting involved with people that were into drugs. I was greatly influenced at that time by teens that were just a few years older than me. They were into skateboarding, tagging, drinking smoking, using drugs, backyard keg parties, and other crimes and ungodly things. But at the impressionable age I was, I looked up to them. To make a long story short, from the time I was about 12 to 16 years old, I smoked cigarettes and marijuana, drank, and I got arrested a number of times for vandalism. My mentality at that time was very backwards. I didn’t care about education. I didn’t want to go to school, and I really didn’t care about my life or my future. Read More »