Bro. Booker’s Testimony – The Short Version

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Pastor Larry Booker
Pastor Booker before and after coming to God
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I was born in 1952 and lived in Colorado, mainly in the city of Pueblo. My mother raised my older brother and me by herself. At times we were reduced to very dire circumstances. My mother married my step-father when I was in fourth grade. He adopted us, and my mother, loved, cared, and provided for all of our needs. I have no complaints or sad tales from that point on concerning my upbringing.
In spite of all my parent’s efforts, when I reached my teen years I “spinned out” as did so many young people of the Sixties era. From the age of 14 until nineteen, my life became completely captivated by the drugs, alcohol, rock music, and rebellion that earmarked that generation.

While on the surface it appeared that I was having the time of my life, underneath, on the inside I was a tormented individual. During an exceptionally horrible experience on drugs one night, I called out in prayer to God, begging Him to get me out of my drug induced nightmare. In that prayer I made many promises to God that I proceeded to break almost immediately. I never forgot, however, the horror of that night, nor the promises that I had made to God.

By the time I graduated from high school, my life was in shambles. I had a drug bust on my police record, and a drug habit that was bent on my destruction. While hard to believe, during these years God dealt with my heart tremendously. I had several different dreams concerning my sin, my dying, my being lost and going to hell. On several occasions I “gave my heart to the Lord”, “confessed Him as my personal Savior”, simply to have the “feeling” wear off after a couple of days and be back to my degraded lifestyle. But God spared my life many times. I came through gang fights, shootings, car wrecks,and target practice sessions with my friends by nothing but the mercy of God.

In 1971, while living in Denver I began praying to God on a daily basis that He would have mercy on me and have His way in my life (even though I continued in my sin). In November of that year I lived through yet another car wreck. That I escaped unhurt from this totaling of my sports car was such a miracle that I knew I must change and really start living for God. On New Years Eve I repented thoroughly of my sins in the basement of the house I was living in while my friends continued to party upstairs. I proceeded to have a prayer meeting that shook up the party!

The next week a Medical Doctor in Pueblo began paying my way through college. He was a very nice man that liked me and hoped somehow to help pull me out of my wretched ways. I started attending college, bought an old bible, started reading it, and believe it or not, was able for a time, to give up all the drugs and old friends that plied them.

While attending college I met a young man who told me about something called the “Baptism of the Holy Ghost”, and about being baptized in the name of Jesus for the remission of my sins. He gave me a whole list of scriptures and took me to his church. To make a long story short, I ran from him, his church, and shortly thereafter from the Bible, God, and whatever repentance I possessed. I found myself back in the pit that I had just so recently been drug from. And to make it worse, I was worse than ever before. The difference now was that every night when I went home I would cry myself to sleep asking God to please have mercy once again on my wretched soul. When I would awake, I was like a driven man until I could escape from my misery with drugs or drink.

One night I finally had all I could take. I told God that if He would save me and get out of that town I would do anything in the world for Him. Little did I know that 650 miles away in the city of Bartlesville, Oklahoma an old friend of mine was praying for me. As he prayed, he heard a voice speak to him these words, “Arise, go get Larry. He is ready now.” He jumped in his car drove all night, picked me up and took me home.

I had no idea what kind of church he belonged to, but the first night in church I heard once again about being baptized in the name of Jesus and receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost. I could not believe it, but what I had ran from, in Colorado was waiting for me in Oklahoma! I did it.. and God did it!!!

It is now almost thirty years later. My life has never been the same. I am now the pastor of a wonderful church, husband of a wonderful wife, and a father to three wonderful boys. I have seen hundreds of dissatisfied, unhappy lives changed by coming to Jesus through His wonderful Gospel.

You too, can be one of that beautiful number to meet Jesus Christ in the power of His Spirit and Truth!

Bro. Booker is the pastor of
Inland Lighthouse Church in Rialto, CA.
This is the short version of his testimony.
He has written the whole story of his testimony
in a book entitled “The Journey Of A Lifetime” which is
available for purchase on the Inland Lighthouse website.

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